Classic confinement request for notepadnext snap

Hi. Please can I get classic confinement for Notepad Next.

It’s a GPL-3 re-implementation of Notepad++ - a very popular Windows text editor. As an aside, there is a Notepad++ snap in the store which uses WINE. I understand this is very popular for people coming to Linux from Windows, who are familiar with the editor.

Notepad Next is even better, it’s free software, built from source in the snap.

As it’s an IDE the expectation is to open all manner of files, so I am asking for classic confinement, similar to Sublime-Text, Code, Eclipse and others.

The upstream developer has accepted pull requests to publish on Flathub and AppImages in the repo. However the most recent conversation suggests they’re not interested in additional packaging recipes. I am happy to maintain this snap.


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Hi @popey

Apologies for the delay in reviewing this request - I agree, notepadnext meets the requirements for classic confinement due to the need to run arbitrary commands from the host and fits within the supported category of IDEs.

I have also vetted the publisher. This is now live.


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Thanks @alexmurray - much appreciated :pray: