Classic confinement request for minicom-snap

Hello there.

I’d like to request classic confinement for my snap: minicom-snap, which is a small snap that helps me and others on my development of serial-based devices, sending serial data, etc.

I would believe that the minicom utility is falling under the Terminal emulator topic, as discussed here:

The reason to gain access to classic confinement, is that minicom needs serial port access, which may/may not be available under the gadget snap connection (if any), but I would believe that it would work normally on a Ubuntu 18/Ubuntu 20/Ubuntu 22 OS install?

The snapcraft.yaml file is simple:

I’m also trying to make a Github actions build available, but it won’t allow me to release it, due to the devmode confinement?

For the majority of desktop users (which is where classic snaps are supported) I would assume they would access something like minicom via a USB-Serial converter. These devices should be supported using the existing serial-port plug along with the hotplug feature - see Hotplug support for more details.

Also I think it is a bit of a stretch to say that minicom is a terminal emulator itself, given that you sight the use-cases of serial-based devices and sending serial data etc. Please try using hotplug with serial port as I pointed out above and I think this should be sufficient.

Also the name minicom-snap is redundant - could you instead just publish to the name minicom instead?

The reason for the redundancy, is not to use the only snap name available, should I not keep the snap updated for a while. Also, I registered the snap name a while ago, and it would be a shame if I were to nuke the minicom-snap snap name, where it has been installed on 900-odd machines.

Thanks, I think that it would be useful.

You can hold-off on the classic-confinement request for now, as soon as I can get to it to make my changes to the snap.

Thanks for your time.