Classic confinement request for livefs-editor

I’ve created a new snap of a very useful tool that was written by @mwhudson, livefs-editor. It’s useful for modifying the contents of an Ubuntu livefs ISO, like the server or desktop installation media. Commonly used for things like embedding an autoinstall.yaml or updating the package seed.

Classic confinement is required because it needs to be able to mount filesystems, execute a variety of host commands, and access arbitrary content the user needs to copy into the new ISO.


Once this snap is in the store and gets some broader testing, I’ll propose merging the snapcraft.yaml into the upstream project.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi @kenvandine,

I am not finding any supported category livefs-editor can fit, and also it seems some of the existing supported interfaces should be able to help with the needs you have described? such us: mount-control (to mount filesystems), personal-files/home/system-files/removable-media (to locate user content to be copied into the ISO, which should be stored in typical locations). Can you please also list which are the hosts commands this tool requires? Maybe those can be staged or even shipped inside the snap?

I am pretty sure you probably already tried those, but asking just in case this tool can be snapped with the least privileges possible.


I have tried, the issues I’m running into is losetup failures.

Any chance you can share the specific failures in case we can help with those?