Classic confinement request for ikos

Hey @reviewers :slight_smile:

I recently snapped up ikos ( which is a static analysis framework for C/C++ code. The way ikos works is to instrument the code/application at compile time. As such, when executing this snap it this needs to be able to compile the application/code of the project and therefore it requires the ability to read arbitrary files from the host system (ie. the header files etc of the dependencies of the project) plus potentially the ability to execute other binaries as well. Thus, like a compiler/IDE, it requires classic confinement to be able to operate.

It also fits within the existing category of compilers/IDEs for classic confinement exceptions.

Please let me know if you need any other info.

+1 from me on this request :slight_smile:

The requirements for granting classic confinement are understood. I have vetted the published. This is now live.