Classic confinement request for `helix` snap

Helix is a terminal-based general-purpose text editor inspired by the likes of Vim and Kakoune. As a text editor/IDE, it should have access to arbitrary files on the file system.

The snapcraft.yaml can be found here in case you’re interested in vetting it.

Here’s the original merge request where the Helix team conferred their approval: Helix PR #7270

And the official site can be found here.

Let me know if there’s anything else you need!

Hi @jmbrock,

Thank you for making this request. The technical reasons for Helix requiring classic are understood to be (at least) accessing files on the host outside of the snap’s runtime, and running arbitrary commands such as developer tools (compilers, packagers etc). As Helix fits into the category of IDEs, it is a supported usecase for classic confinement.

It is a shame that upstream wont take the snapcraft.yaml, but it is encouraging that you have engaged them and that they will add a link in their documentation.

@advocacy, can you please perform publisher vetting?

@advocacy doesn’t seem to resolve. pinging @igor

+1 from me, one small request @jmbrock can you please just confirm your GH username - I just want to make sure that the forum and GH reference the same thing.

Hi @igor

My username on Github is atomcult.

Sounds good, +1 from me, verified.

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+1 from me, the reasons for helix requiring classic are understood as it fits into the category of IDEs.


Hi @jmbrock, I granted the classic to this snap. Kindly publish the new revision. This is now live


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