Classic confinement request for gnome-software

I’d like to request classic confinement for gnome-softare.

GNOME Software requires classic confinement because it provides the ability to install apps via apt and snap as well as launch these apps that are installed. These requirements are outside of the reach of a confined snap, so we’ll need to use classic.


This is one that I’d love to see confined, probably with the snap and apt access in separate interfaces. But it will take a good amount of work on our end before we can do that, and having up-to-date revisions of gnome-software means people have a first class graphic user interface for snapd itself. Also, even if that is somewhat of a management platform, which we’ve been trying to avoid for now, this is a graphic interface that is manually driven by the user instead of being “backdoor-like” in nature. It’s also the most well known and most used software of its kind, I believe.

For all of those reasons, +1 for the request.

(unrelated to the classic confinement request, sorry).

Any chance we can get some consistency on the account under which these GNOME snaps are being uploaded?

Some are under the Canonical account, some under your personal account. It would be good if we could transfer these to one central account, whichever is the most appropriate (probably not your personal one).

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I’ve vetted the publisher. Granting classic. This is now live.

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Yes, we are transfering the ones we are officially supporting to the canonical account. I’ve been doing those in batches as necessary.


Let’s please also make sure to keep this up to date:

Hi, can you tell me if gnome software snap will come with flatpak plugin by default? Or not include? It suppost that gnome_software come not with this feature, but a flatpak plugin exists to resolve it. Now flatpak plugin will be compatible with gnome software snap?