Classic Confinement Request for Autoremover snap


there is currently not any GUI except Synaptic available for removing old, unneeded deb packages and GNOME Software does not remove dependencies when uninstalling a package. So I have decided to create a small GUI utility called Autoremover to make the life of regular users on Ubuntu a little bit easier. It is currently pretty simple and does not do much (but I plan to add new features in the future) except showing available packages for autoremove and removing them. It uses some system tools like apt and zenity so it does need a classic confinement.

Please, make this little, but useful tool available on Snap Store. :slight_smile:


@niemeyer - here is a request for classic for deb package auto-removal (eg, a janitor application). This simply runs apt-get autoremove under pkexec. Based on recent conversations it seems like it is not a candidate for classic since it interacts with the underlying package system (and only for systems with apt at that). Currently it only removes packages as opposed to installing arbitrary debs or adjusting ppas. Can you comment?

This thread is popping up on our regular review of classic snap requests. @niemeyer can we bring it to conclusion? Thanks.

I have deleted the Autoremover snap. The same functionality was implemented in BleachBit that is available in the standard repositories.