Classic Confinement request for Amber


I am a co-author the Amber Framework which is written in Crystal. Recently Crystal was added as a supported language plugin for snap craft and I would like to publish our Amber CLI tool in the store for easier installation for Ubuntu users.

I am only in the testing phase but I soon realized that our CLI needs the ability to create directories and files for the end user. It looks like this requires classic confinement similar to the Crystal Language snap.

Let me know if this is the case and how to proceed.

btw, it would be great to use amber instead of amberframework, but that will be something I will request when I feel comfortable that snaps will work for us.

You can read more about the framework at

Dru Jensen

I decided to request the snap name amber instead of using amberframework. It requires a manual approval.

You may have already considered this, so please ignore if you have. Would the home interface be enough for your snap? I’m guessing the directories it’s creating are like project folders? Or will your snap need access to system files?

@ryanjyoder I have not considered home as I’m not that familiar with snapcraft yet. I will try that out. Thanks!

@ryanjyoder I am trying to understand the home interface. It looks like you need classic for this to automatically grant permission. Is that correct? Is so, I would still like to request classic mode.

No, the home interface should be enough to read and write files from a user’s home directory (with exception of hidden files). If you are getting denies when trying to access files in your home directory, double check that the interface has been connected.

snap connect amberframework:home