Classic confinement request: dlang



DLang is general-purpose programming language, I have ported the whole development environment to snap (dmd, standard library, dub and tools useful for use with IDE/editors).

I has been released ( to edge now using my upstream repo and, I’ve created a pull request ( for the transition to classic that will be merged by me once this request is accepted by the snap team.

I think it’s right to ask permission for the classic confinement to my package ( because as all the compilers need the access to arbitrary filesystem paths.

I tag those responsible for approving requests on the snap store that have already helped me in the past to solve similar technical requests: @jdstrand and @reviewers.
Sure to receive an answer thanks to your availability, I kind regards


Regular bump for request…


I wonder why it is the case.


Because compilers must access system libraries and must be able to use any folder as input/output (and I might want to compile in /tmp)


Ping @jdstrand and @reviewers


Ping @jdstrand and @reviewers


Given we also gave nodejs classic this seems reasonable and consistent.

Error:(NEEDS REVIEW) confinement 'classic' not allowed. If your snap needs classic confinement to function, please make a request for this snap to use classic by creating a new topic in the forum using the 'store' category and detail the technical reasons why classic is required. 

What should I do?


FYI, @Wimpress said he’d take a look at this.


I would like to continue the control process for classical confinement


@Wimpress - have you had a chance to take a look at this?