Classic Confinement Request: DawnlightSearch


I would like to request classic confinement for DawnlightSearch, which is a simple file search tool.

Source code:

Reasons for requiring classic confinement:

  1. it calls “lsblk” to acquire device uuids to store file information in the corresponding tables.
  2. it has to access the file system and use “lstat” to access the file attributes.
  3. its open-file and copy function also require direct access to the file system.

Thanks for your time.


We should update the hardware-observe interface to support “lsblk”. I’ve taken a todo for this.

As for lstat and open/copy functionality, is this meant to be used for all files on the system or just files in the user’s home? If the latter, you can ‘plugs: [ home, removable-media ]’ which should do what you need. If the former, does the application use portals? If so, you could instead ‘plugs: [ desktop ]’.

Thanks for your reply.

Following your suggestions, I tested under strict confinement with [desktop, hardware-observe, home …] plugs connected. It works fine except some KIO issues, failing to access “/usr” folder, and the “Allow Opening File” popup. So classic confinement is no longer vital. I should withdraw this request.

I also found:

  1. “lstat” shows different device IDs for root dir “/” and its subfolders.
  2. “lsblk” actually can fetch uuid using hardware-observe interface. However, none of “df”, '‘mount’, ''lsblk" cab get the mount points. Looking forward to the hardware-observe update.

Thanks again.

You’ll certainly need ‘mount-observe’ for the mountpoints. Do note that the strict mode snap has a different mount namespace than the the global one that is used with classic confinement, which probably explains the different IDs you’re seeing.