Classic confinement for ttyd


I have successfully built a snap for ttyd - allowing one to share a terminal emulator over the web. After trying several interfaces, I’ve found that the only effective method of allowing this snap to function properly as a “terminal emulator” is via classic confinement.

Here is the snapcraft.yaml file for your review, if needed.

Edit: I failed to mention that I referenced this post.

As a terminal emulator, ttyd has a requirement for classic confinement and fits within one of the supported categories for classic confinement requests. As such the requirements for classic confinement are understood.

@advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting? Thanks.

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I was wondering if the @advocacy group needed anything from me, in addition to above?

@kz6fittycent can you please share the official page for ttyd?

Thanks @Igor, here’s the link:

Here’s my fork with snap info:

Just checking in w/ you @Igor. Is there anything you need in addition to the above?

Nothing at the moment. I pinged the upstream.

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