Classic confinement for ttyd


I have successfully built a snap for ttyd - allowing one to share a terminal emulator over the web. After trying several interfaces, I’ve found that the only effective method of allowing this snap to function properly as a “terminal emulator” is via classic confinement.

Here is the snapcraft.yaml file for your review, if needed.

Edit: I failed to mention that I referenced this post.

As a terminal emulator, ttyd has a requirement for classic confinement and fits within one of the supported categories for classic confinement requests. As such the requirements for classic confinement are understood.

@advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting? Thanks.

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I was wondering if the @advocacy group needed anything from me, in addition to above?

@kz6fittycent can you please share the official page for ttyd?

Thanks @Igor, here’s the link:

Here’s my fork with snap info:

Just checking in w/ you @Igor. Is there anything you need in addition to the above?

Nothing at the moment. I pinged the upstream.

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@kz6fittycent Hello, I just received an email from the upstream project that they do not know about the snap version of their tool. Can you sync up with them so that we can verify the project and proceed?

Sorry @Igor - my fault. Here’s the PR.

PR has been accepted by upstream but no written response from them regarding the snap.

Hi @Igor,

Any updates? I’ve not seen anything outside of the merge I mentioned above.

I have received no news or updates from the upstream. Can you nudge them perhaps or ask them to participate in this thread if they like?

I’ll nudge them again - they were given this link for participation.

Just wondering - if they don’t ever respond, is this request invalid? It would be a shame to prevent this application from being published given it’s utility. I could see it being quite useful in training environments.

Done. See PR.

Just created an account on with my ubuntu account.

Thanks for your PR.

I noticed the snap name ttyd has beed registered by you, can you transfer it to me before or after the publishing? I’d like to maintain it myself in the feature.

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@Igor I guess we need to take a look at transferring ownership of the ttyd snap to @tsl0922.

I’ll leave the account transfer to the Store team, then we can continue with the vetting after that.

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I’ve messaged @tsl0922 privately to add as a collaborator to the snap so the transfer can begin. Awaiting response to the message.

@tsl0922 has been added as a collaborator.

@roadmr sorry to tag you, but you helped me with ohmygiraffe. Is this within your area of responsibility? If not, I do apologize.

Any news is good news… :slight_smile: