Classic confinement for thefuck

This tool helps to correct spelling mistakes made when calling commands, examples are here.
When confined thefuck is not able to give correct suggestions and available interfaces don’t satisfy it’s needs.

Apparmor denies and source code suggest it needs:

  1. .{bash,fish,zsh}_history - home interface gives access to non-hidden files only
  2. read access to every directory in PATH - probably it needs to run commands as well, couldn’t find interface for it
  3. /proc/x/mounts - guess it would be mount-observe
  4. ptrace - probably not really required

Additionally it needs helper command fuck, which is called most of the time. How could it be resolved without telling the user to create alias?

Snapcraft url:
Snap YAML:

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There’s auto-aliases that can be applied on the Snap Store, refer: Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks

Classic confinement should give you access to all those requirements.

I see you have already engaged with upstream. Can we get the snap to be published directly out of the repository?

/cc @jdstrand @evan @popey

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Hence I opened the request.

I don’t have admin access to the official repository and don’t feel like it’s plausible so I cannot select it in Original author agreed to put snapcraft.yaml in official repo so I can open PR in no time.

Nice, thanks! So if we can get that built from the upstream repository, +1 for classic from me.

Given that this application needs to execute arbitrary binaries +1 from me.

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@mati865 - has this happened?

Thefuck author seems to be away.
PR is waiting for merge:

Any more news on this?

I’ve just pinged in mentioned PR, no progress yet.

The PR was merged so it can use official repository now.

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I verified this is now upstream. This now meets the criteria for classic. @Wimpress or @popey - can one of you vet the publisher?

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@popey, @Wimpress, @Igor, @evan - ping, all we need is the vetting and I can grant.

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I’m fine with granting classic for this, given that the yaml is now upstream. Thanks @mati865 for landing that!

Let’s work with upstream to get a branded account to publish under, the snap moved over, and published from Travis or

And I think @mati865 meets the definition of an upstream contributor, having landed snap support. I can confirm I’ve vetted him as the publisher.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Thanks, I’d love to use but I don’t have admin permission to the repo. I’ll try to get Travis to build snaps over next week.