Classic confinement for the kmon snap

kmon is a Linux kernel manager and activity monitor that provides a text-based user interface for facilitating the these type of Linux kernel related operations.

It needs classic confinement because it runs and parses the outputs of tools like kmod (modinfo) and modprobe. So it should have access to the Linux kernel modules and permission to insert/remove a kernel module. I tried to add plugs but it didn’t work because of the permission issues.

kmon snap:

Thanks in advance!

Something that doesn’t “work because of the permission issues” is not enough information to grant classic confinement. You should be able to plugs kernel-module-control (be sure to snap connect it) to load and run modinfo on modules.

How am I going to connect the plug to snap?

Here’s my snap connections output:

(orhun λ ~) sudo snap connections
Interface              Plug                        Slot                    Notes
kernel-module-control  kmon:kernel-module-control  :kernel-module-control  manual
kernel-module-observe  kmon:kernel-module-observe  :kernel-module-observe  manual