Classic confinement for term-cheat


Hi there, I wrote a text based UI for searching, managing and launching commands. It’s a list of commands that can be fuzzy searched and then launched. This is only possible with the classic mode, as far as I can see.
Here is a screenshot

Thank you for your time.


Nice one. I thought adding those as shell aliases. Is it open source?


It is also possible to paste images here directly.


Thanks. I somehow did not see it. It was late already yesterday :see_no_evil:


Yes it’s open source
I just started it, feel free to do whatever you like with the code.


In the meanwhile it might be possible for it to write commands as scripts to $HOME/bin/. Like, for example mark with space and then hit ‘s’ to produce “$HOME/bin/list open” for example.

I am not sure if it is possible to create scripts or shell aliases that could be invoked like this.

$ list open ports
# netstat -tulpn
Active Internet connections (only servers)

That would be awesome. term-cheat could also print apt command with dependencies that need to be installed for the given OS for the selection.


lets move this to here


Just FYI, nope. ~/bin is explicitly disallowed.


So how long does a review process usually take? It’s been a while now. Can I do something to improve?