Classic confinement for sFTP Client

It would appear @sftpclient has a plan to manage helping transition users to classic confinement - so this looks good to go from a requirements and user experience point of view. @advocacy - could you please perform the required vetting?

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@jdstrand Is it safe to say we are going classic confinement now?

Once confirmed we can update our app with the first step.

@advocacy - can you please perform the vetting?

@sftpclient - yes, classic will by allowed once the @advocacy team performs due diligence.

Vetting done, +1 from my side.

Granted, this is now live for sftpclient.

@jdstrand @popey @alexmurray thanks!

Can i ask what our next steps should be?

Apologies for the delayed response, i’ve been away for a couple weeks.

@sftpclient - the sftpclient now has the permission granted by the store to be a classic snap - so any future uploads which specify confinement: classic will be automatically approved - so my understanding is you can now migrate your users to this new classic confined version of the snap as you discussed earlier.