Classic confinement for rider


I would like to approve classic confinement for rider snap - cross-platform .NET IDE.


This has the same requirements as JetBrains other IDEs. I’ve vetted the publisher and granted classic. This is now live.

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Thanks! Could you please also create 2018.3 track for it?

JetBrains have an excellent track record (pun intended) of track usage. While rider doesn’t have existing tracks, most of their other snaps do; and rider’s versioning scheme is consistent with JetBrains standard, which we’ve already determined is a good use case for tracks. +1 from me as a reviewer and I would be inclined to grant this track without the waiting period, but it’s not a decision I can make unilaterally. Thoughts from other @reviewers and Snap architects?

  • Daniel

I am a +1 on granting the track. JetBrains have been good custodians of their current tracks. As this track follows the same format as the others, I as well think it’s reasonable to wave the waiting period.

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Done; Track 2018.3 for rider is now available for use!

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