Classic confinement for randip

I require classic confinement for logs, installation, and introducing new scripts from developers.

It’s not clear you need classic confinement for this. It appears you are trying to install the script from within the snap, which is not the correct way of installing a snap. Maybe you could elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve. Also to be honest, the script seems a bit malicious anyways…

You’re looking at just the shell script, if you look at how the main application handles logging it’ll make more sense in what it needs

Could you explain a bit the logging requirements? I’d be happy to look at some could if you point me in the right direction.

Yes, as @ryanjyoder mentioned, this is not specific enough. We have the log-observe interface for accessing logs on the system and snaps have access to various per-snap writable areas in SNAP_DATA, SNAP_COMMON, SNAP_USER_DATA and SNAP_USER_COMMON. Furthermore, the content interface provides a means of content sharing that might be useful to you.

SNAP_USERDATA? please elaborate that solves my whole problem

I was presenting various things that are available to you as a developer to make your application work as a snap. I don’t know the details of your snap to make a more specific recommendation. Please provide more details on what your snap does regarding “logs, installation, and introducing new scripts from developers” and specifically why things aren’t working for you and people will certainly make suggestions to help you.

FYI, this request cannot proceed without the requested information.

This has now dropped out of the queue. If you wish to proceed with the request, please respond with the requested information.