Classic confinement for OpenChrom is very similar to the Eclipse IDE as it is also an RCP application that bundles a special version of Java. It also contains Java FX. It is a heavy-duty file-based application and is basically an IDE for chemists. I made multiple attempts to run it in a sandbox in the confined branch. However, that snap is crashing at so many levels, I doubt it is even possible or worth the effort.

Hey @Mailaender,

Since classic confinement snaps run without restrictions, I would say it is worth taking a look at the errors/crashes you experienced while trying to run under strict confinement in case we can help you find missing interfaces. Have you tried snappy-debug?

From the snap description I see “OpenChrom® is an Open Source tool for the analysis and visualization of mass spectrometric and chromatographic data” so if you can provide more details about why you consider this snap needs classic it would be great.


That link is helpful, thank you. The application needs to read/write measurement data as well as logs. It also needs to launch new processes via Wine and collect resulting files from user configurable locations. Is that possible within confinement?

I also need to request permission for automatic

snap connect openchrom:openchrom-dot-dir

because otherwise the application fails to write logs and crashes.

Another problem I see is the back fall Gtk2 theme, which really looks bad.