Classic confinement for network-sports-icarus

We need classic confinement to access the serial port connected to a proprietary i/o board to operate a soft tip dart cabinet. This snap will not be public. Happy to fill in more detail if necessary.

there are two interfaces providing access to serial ports (the serial-port interface as well as the builtin hotplug mechanism of snapd) what is the reason that you can not use either of them for your app ?

there should be plenty of example apps using them in the store to look at their snapcraft.yaml, i.e. the arduino snap comes to mind …

we are using the serial-port interface. It currently only works in devmode. We see no path/slots when in strict mode.

@TeamRBDG I noticed the syntax for serial-port on the latest uploaded revision is incorrect. Please refer to the documentation for further details.

Feel free to ask here any question you might have. I also suggest using snappy-debug for troubleshooting since it will suggest interfaces needed based on your snap behavior.

@TeamRBDG ping, I see your latest revision is successfully published. Could you make the snap work under strict confinement?