Classic confinement for microk8s snap


Microk8s is an entire kubernetes cluster in a single snap. We intend to strictly confine the snap but we would like to proceed with testing the classic snap for now.


We discussed this in person and decided that classic was not needed at this time. If this changes, feel free to request again.

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I want to add that we had a discussion to fully move from devmode to strict and it looks promising.

@jdstrand We ended up having to revert to classic for now, due to some hackery needed for killing docker containers created by the snap. The details are here: Obviously we will work towards a better solution, but for now we’d like to allow classic so that in the meantime, the snap can be installed from the store.

I’ve verified the publisher and understand the requirements (in fact, I’ll be helping them work towards strict mode). Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Note for this snap to pass manual review you will need to remove all ‘plugs’ and ‘slots’ from your snapcraft.yaml/snap.yaml.

Any progress on this?

Why, yes. :slight_smile: We have a kubernetes-support interface and lots of other adjustments for running microk8s and strict mode workers under confinement. Work remains for different workloads and that work is scheduled for this cycle.

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