Classic confinement for large-pcap-analyzer

Hi all,
I tried building my large-pcap-analyzer utility as a classic-confined snap and I was redirected to this forum.

large-pcap-analyzer is a command-line utility program that performs some simple operations on .PCAP files very quickly. This allows you to manipulate also very large PCAP files that cannot be easily handled with other software like Wireshark (or tshark). Supports filtering encapsulated GTPu frames. Supports simple per-TCP-stream filtering. Easily extendible.

This utility is a CLI utility and can be called by the user with a file in input from anywhere in the filesystem so my guess is that I need classic confinement.

Let me know how to proceed

Normally people with commands like this will plugs: [ home, removable-media ] which is sufficient for most use cases since users will typically work on files in these areas. Is there a particular reason why this is not enough? Are there typical use cases that aren’t covered by these interfaces and if so, what are they and what are the locations? Thanks!

Thanks for the hint! I didn’t know actually about those plugs.
I changed my snap to use strict confinement and enable those plugs.
I will test it as soon ready.