Classic confinement for kube-commander


I would like to explain why kube-commander snap needs classic confinement.

kube-commander is a terminal user interface utility which works directly with kubernetes CLI kubectl. Which means it needs access to both $HOME/.kube and kubectl executable. As I understand, providing access to $HOME/.kube is possible with personal-files plug, but accessing host executables is not allowed using strict confinement.

All kube-commander versions that currently published use strict confinement and they just don’t work.

Currently I tried to publish version 0.2.1 with classic confinement and got this message from snapcraft:

Will need manual review…
The Store automatic review failed.
A human will soon review your snap, but if you can’t wait please write in the snapcraft forum asking for the manual review explicitly.

You can see build error here

Source code:

Thank you