Classic confinement for `ksql` snap

I’d like to request classic confinement for the ksql snap.

This is a developer and operations tool for working with a KSQL[0] server, so classic confinement makes sense. It’s used for running scripts, executing statements, etc. It’s possible to run it in strict mode, but the user experience suffers as a result. Typically, one would expect to be able to:

  • Have command line history, and full terminal access
  • RUN SCRIPT command should work, which a user would expect to work with any file they have read access to
  • Send query output to a file, anywhere user has write access to.

The ksql server is strict confined and I’ve moved it to a separate snap, ksql-server. ksql would be used when a user wants an interactive client for ksql-server.

Update: pending release is here:



Is there any update on this?

I’ve never touched kafka nor heard of ksql before, but:

  • I don’t see why command line history is a reason for classic confinement
  • If home and removable-media interfaces are connected, that covers a lot of the places that a user might reasonably keep their scripts and store their output?
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@cmars - once you respond to @sparkiegeek we can continue the process for this request.

Closing this request for now. Please respond back whenever you have a chance.