Classic confinement for jsonfmt

jsonfmt can check and/or format any json file the user wants, so it needs to be able to access them.

Related issue on the repository.

There are a number of checkers and formatters in the store now that do not use classic confinement (eg, ‘jq’). Typically these applications will plugs ‘home’ and ‘removable-media’ which suffices for most use cases, and for an others, the user can pipe the file into the snap’s stdin. Does jsonfmt support something like jsonfmt < /path/to/file?

Classic confinement has a number of caveats, not least of which that classic snaps are not installable on Ubuntu Core (and this snap seems like it might be useful there) and that great care must be taken for them to work reliably cross-disto.

@caarlos0 - ping, can you please provide the requested information?

@caarlos0 ping, this request cannot proceed without the requested information

I think the home plug will be enough, yes, thanks.

Ok I will remove this request from our internal queue, thanks.