Classic confinement for guiscrcpy

Please enable classic confinement for guiscrcpy built from source. It needs access to adb, and scrcpy (another snap) within the snap.
Guiscrcpy is opensource, snap built by automated snapcraft build

srevinsaju/guiscrcpy: A full fledged GUI integration for android screen mirroring - python - GitHub

There is an adb-support interface. I think it should be possible to strictly confine the guiscrcpy so :-1: for classic confinement from me.

It is not possible to access scrcpy (snap) from guiscrcpy snap. I can’t stage scrcpy (snap) , showing lib SDL errors. I need to access other snaps.

I’m not sure if you tried stage-snaps, but with that you can stage snaps into your snap and then put them in place as desired. I agree with @Wimpress, this is not a candidate for classic. Please create a new topic in the #snapcraft category or join the snapcraft irc channel on Freenode for help getting your snap to work.

Staging a compiled snap doesn’t help as guiscrcpy works on calls, and I would not like to waste time packaging snaps instead of developing code. Moreover, the function of slots and combining GUI has been causing a lot of ‘core dumped’ and ‘segregation errors’. I am switching to Flatpak, thank you for your help albeit.