Classic confinement for goby


Goby is a programming language built on Go, inspired by Ruby. It is being released to edge from the upstream GitHub repo, and I have a pull request up that switches over to classic.

I’d like to request classic confinement for Goby. Being a compiler, Goby needs access to arbitrary filesystem paths.


The requirements for this snap requiring classic are understood. Thanks!

@evan - could someone from your team perform the remaining parts of Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps?

Hi @jdstrand,

Can you elaborate on what parts you feel are missing?

  1. I’m making this request on the publisher’s behalf.
  2. We have vetted the publisher. It is goby upstream publishing the goby snap.
  3. Goby needs classic confinement because the code to be compiled could live anywhere on the filesystem. Other compilers, such as golang, have already been granted classic.

You didn’t say in your request that you vetted the publisher in the original request, so it wasn’t clear that already happened.

I’ve granted classic to the snap. This is now live.