Classic confinement for fsearch

Hi, I’m the developer of FSearch, a graphical file search application with some file management functionality (e.g. trash/remove files). In order to function correctly it needs access to the whole filesystem, otherwise it might not be able to find the files the users are interested in. Hence I’d like to request classic confinement for it.

At the moment the sandoxing severally limits the usefulness of the application in a couple of ways.

For example it can’t access most hidden entries (and their children). I don’t think the system-backup interface is a good solution to that, because it’s completely unintuitive for users to search for their files within /var/lib/snapd/hostfs. Also since this is read-only, users won’t be able to manage their files that way.

Another issue is that the sandboxing limits the access to other installed applications, so FSearch can’t populate it’s “Open with” menu with suggested applications.

Kind regards, Christian

If you need any other information about the application, just let me know.