Classic confinement for espanso


I’m the developer of espanso, a cross-platform text expander written in Rust.

I’m considering creating a snap package to simplify the distribution of espanso to Ubuntu users, and I would need permissions to use classic confinement with it.

In particular, yesterday I tested the packaging process with “strict” confinement, and with the right interfaces I was able to allow about 70% of the functionality. That said, one of the strenghts of espanso is the ability to customize the expansions by executing user-defined shell commands and external scripts from within it. As far as I understood, executing commands not known beforehand is not permitted without classic confinement, that’s why I’m asking you the permission to use it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Federico Terzi

Currently it is not possible for strictly confined snaps to execute commands from the host system - ie. which are not shipped as part of the snap itself - as such for this functionality to work it would seem classic confinement is the most appropriate solution for espanso. The requirements are understood. @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

Thank you for replying @alexmurray.
I’m looking forward to receiving the authorization to proceed further.

Best regards

@advocacy - ping, can someone perform the vetting?

Vetting done, +1 from me for this request.

I was going to grant use of classic, but I don’t see the snap in the store under the name ‘espanso’. What is the name of your snap?

Thank you very much for your approval.
I’m currently in the process of packaging the snap, but I still have to fix a couple of issues so I haven’t published it to snapcraft yet.
I wanted to ask for permission beforehand to make sure it was a viable option.
I’ll let you know once it’s ready.

Thank you for your help

Best Regards,
Federico Terzi

Hey @jdstrand,
I created the snap (called “espanso”), could you please grant the permission?

Best Regards,
Federico Terzi

This is now live. Note the snap will still fail automated review since you currently have plugs listed - but these are irrelevant with classic confinement - so please remove the section:

    - x11
    - network-bind
    - desktop
    - unity7

from the snap yaml and upload a new version and this should then pass automated review.

All right @alexmurray, thank you very much for the help!

Best Regards,
Federico Terzi