Classic confinement for docker-app

Hi there,

I’m new to building snap packages and want to use classic confinement to allow the “docker-app” snap to access docker installed on the host. The app review is here :

Perhaps there is another way? Typically docker users don’t install docker using snap since it is no longer supported and the docker-app tool relies on querying the docker which is running on the host.


@evan, @Wimpress, @popey - can you comment on this point?

Some more details about docker snap :

NOTE: The Docker Snap is no longer maintained by Docker, Inc. The last release version was 17.06.2 and will not be updated. The future of the Docker Snap is unclear, but it won’t be developed here going forward. This repository will redirect to its new home if one will exist.

Thanks @tomwillfixit.

@evan, @Wimpress, @popey - ping

Thanks for making this snap.

There’s a significantly sizable install base for the existing snap. I think it’s probably prudent for us to find someone to maintain the docker. If nobody inside Canonical will be owning it then perhaps it makes sense to put it in snapcrafters? That way people who do have the docker snap, and existing documentation which points to it, will still be valid. Rather than splitting the audience.

@JamieBennett @evan Can we get a decision on who will own the original docker snap?

I recently undertook the effort to update the docker snap to 18.05.0-ce and will shortly begin the process to upstream our current patches so that it builds without any modifications to the source code which will make it easier to maintain.

In the meantime I can help support the docker snap if we fork it under snapcrafters. I don’t want to “own” it, but I am familiar with the codebase and it’s build process so I can commit some time to fixing bugs etc. for it (and I also updated the docker-support interface in snapd for 18.05). I also have been granted collaborator for the docker snap, so I can upload a beta of 18.05.0-ce, but seeing as how 18.06.0-ce was just released I’m not sure yet if it makes sense to upload 18.05.0-ce or just do 18.06.

@ijohnson How is this progressing. I got pinged over the weekend by someone in the community asking when they might expect an update to the docker snap.