Classic confinement for debug command line tool

Hi @reviewers :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to publish my snap with classic confinement.

It’s a debug tool for retrying commands with configurable exponential backoff to avoid overloading a system’s resources.

The command is run as retry -- <command> and requires access to the host’s resources that the operator requires for debugging.

The codebase can be see at

The requirements for classic confinement are understood - retry requires to execute arbitrary commands from the host, and fits within the supported category of “debug tools” - @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

@glynternet1 is there an official page for retry?

Hi @Igor,

This is a new project and the page to represent retry is currently the readme at the github

If this isn’t enough, is there a set of criteria that I can see for what constitutes an official page from the scnapcraft perspective? I will have a go at getting something published if required :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me check with the Store team in more detail what sort info we would want.

Brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Igor, any progress here?

Not yet, we’re still looking at this.

Hey @glynternet1 I’m picking up the publisher vetting from here. could you please get back to my DM that I just sent you. Thanks

Hi @glynternet1 can you please provide the requested information?

@glynternet1 - since we’ve not heard back from you, we are removing this request from our review queue. When you have more time to respond, simply do so here and we can add the request back to the queue. Thanks.

Thanks all, hopefully I will be able to get back to you soon.