Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce

Hello! Can you please grant to use classic confinement for dbeaver-ce snap package, please? Just as it was done for dbeverapp Classic confinement for dbeaverapp

The official dbeaver site:

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Hi there! I really hope that you will be able to view this request in the near future. Thank you.

Hey @riednyko,

I quickly compared dbeaverapp and dbeaver-ce and have some questions.

From your explanation it seems dbeaverapp is a test app and dbeaver-ce is the official app, but since I see differences I would really like to understand a little bit more before proceeding. If there are not real differences, you can have a single snap and then make use of the channels/tracks instead of maintaining 2 separated snaps.

The snap description for dbeaverapp is Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE but the one for dbeaver-ce is Universal Database Manager and SQL Client and also the snapcraft.yaml for both apps are quite different. There are other snaps that work as database managers that are running under strict confinement, like So what are the issues you are experiencing that are preventing this snap to stay under strict confinement?

I see in the related post, that dbeaverapp needs to open a web browser or other application supporting xlsx files. Have you explore the possibility of plugging desktop? If you do so, your snap has access to the xdg-open from core that would allow you to open the application. This post can be of help for further explanation.

Also, I see dbeaver-ce is a multi-platform tool and since classic snaps run in the global mount namespace, you need to make sure it will work reliably across distributions if this is a requirement (See Caveats section of the Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps).



Thanks for the answer!

Unfortunately, the above problems were not resolved and the solutions did not work for us. However, the dbeaverapp test package is working as it should now. We would like to do the same with the basic dbeaver-ce package. Can you try to make it with a classic confinement please?:slight_smile:

snapcraft.yaml will be changed as in dbeaverapp

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Hello there! Just want to raise the topic :upside_down_face:

Can you please try and clarify the difference / relationship between dbeaver-ce and dbeaverapp? I am trying to understand how dbeaver-ce functions and hence why it would require classic confinement and then under which of the supported categories for classic confinement this would fit. Can you please help me to understand this so we can try and proceed with this request?

Thanks for the answer!

dbeaverapp is a test package, dbeaver-ce is an official package. Everything should work according to the principle of the eclipse package. We have tested it and how dbeaverapp works now suits us and we would like to update the official dbeaver-ce package in the same way

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Hi there! dbeaverapp is not test package, is a sandbox for dbeaver-ce. So we made sandboxed dbeaver-ce in dbeaverapp working as we expected with some little changes like description thats doesn’t matter for this case. We need to apply same rules applyed to debeaverapp to dbeaver-ce.

Hi. Is there any chance to receive Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce on this week?

@mayer @skydiveroid, apolpogize but this is getting confusing.

I still see both snaps have the same description and for us (and for the snaps users) properly understanding each snap requirements does indeed matter since granting classic confinement is a very sensitive operation.

Could you please describe in details why dbeaver-ce also needs classic confinement? And how the two snaps relates (i.e. provide more details about the sandbox?). As I mentioned before, there are other db manager snaps successfully published under strict confinement so we need to understand whats preventing dbeaver-ce to do so.


@emitorino Hi.

Dbeaver-ce is our official package that works on the basis of the Eclipse RCP. That’s why the solution used in apps such as beekeeper-studio do not work for us.

Our dbeaverapp(sandbox) package was published for various checks. We used it in order to check if classic confinement suits our goals. And it did. Now we are ready to remove dbeaverapp(sandbox) package from the snap store and replace it with Dbeaver-ce.

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Hi @emitorino. If you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate to write.

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Hi @emitorino. Merry Christmas and Happy new year! Any news about Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce?

Hey @skydiveroid, Happy new year! Apologize for the delay.

Sorry but it is yet not clear to me the technical reasons under which dbeaver-ce needs classic confinement. I understand that the use of classic on dbeaverapp suited your goals but it could be related to the broad accesses classic provides (basically runs without restrictions). I see dbeaverapp was granted classic since it fitted into the IDE supported category (as it was described as an IDE) but it is not the same case for dbeaver-ce.

Can you please share the denials you see while running dbeaver-ce under strict confinement?


Hello! @emitorino

We changed the snapcraft.yaml config for dbeaver-ce snap package. Now it is the same as for dbeaverapp. We really need a classic confinement to access various directories from the snap package, as well as to work with third-party applications, for example, an office or access to a web browser, to open maps

Hi @emitorino, Have we provided all the required information? thx

Hey @skydiveroid! Apologize this request is taking so long, but on the other side we are not getting the enough details required to grant classic confinement. Let me remind you again that a classic snap runs without restrictions so granting this is a very sensitive operation. The fact that this was granted in the past for a related snap does not mean will be granted again to other similar/related snap.

Can you please list those directories? There are various interfaces that can provide you accesses to specific locations such as home, personal-files, system-files and removable-media.

Regarding opening up app applications, I shared a suggestion earlier. Could you try it?

In any case, please share here the denials and issues you are experiencing with those accesses and we will be happy to help you work through them. If you are not familiar with it, snappy-debug will definitely help you find missing interfaces.


Can you please provide the information requested by @emitorino above so we can try and progress this request? Thanks.

@skydiveroid ping, can you please provide the requested information?

@skydiveroid, @riednyko, @mayer: since we’ve not heard back from you, we are removing this request from our review queue. When you have more time to respond, simply do so here and we can add the request back to the queue. Thanks