Classic confinement for clangd

I’ve made a snap for in order to use it with any Language Server Protocol supported editors (vim, emacs, sublime, vscode, atom…) to get proper intelligent completion.

While this wouldn’t need any special confinement to run, it actually needs to read the include files.
Now, I was thinking to request an interface for reading system /usr/include files, but this wouldn’t be actually enough in real environment scenarios where people is installing headers everywhere and using tools such as jhbuild.

Then although this doesn’t need any write ability (it would be nice to add a “classic-readonly” :-)), I think that the classic mode is the only option we have to get this working.

Thank you for detailing the reasons why classic is needed. I agree that at this time this is the only option. I have vetted the publisher. Granting. This is now live…

@Trevinho - your next upload should be auto-approved. If you want existing uploads to be approved, please request a manual review in the store for those you want re-reviewed.

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