Classic confinement / alias request for daisycc


I’d like to request classic confinement for daisycc. Daisycc is an optimizing C/C++ compiler relying on LLVM infrastructure and the DaCe parallel programming framework.

While daisycc ships several LLVM tools for compilation, it uses the system linker and the system search paths for headers and libraries (/usr, /usr/local). Otherwise, the tool was not very useful for the enduser. Furthermore, daisycc automatically generates code for devices like GPUs and FPGAs. For this, it needs to call other tools on the system like NVIDIA’s compiler and the runtime libraries.

I’d also request an alias for daisycc.daisycxx to be daisycxx, which is the frontend of the C++ compiler.

Best regards, Lukas

daisycc is open-source:

hello @lukastruemper,

In accordance with the process for granting classic confinement, Daisycc appears to fit exactly into the compiler category and the need to access the linker, other compiler tools and local headers and libraries makes sense.

@advocacy can you please perform publisher vetting.

I also give +1 to the alias daisycxx.

I agree with the request of classic confinement of the snap daisycc, +1 for this.

+1 for the daisycxx alias


@lukastruemper Is there an upstream page for Daisy CC, or is it solely the GH page?

Not yet, but this will also go online in the next weeks

OK, it would help with the vetting. Thanks!

But does this mean we wait with the vetting for the website? Would be cool if we could not make this dependent on when I find the time to code the website :slight_smile: I am not good in web technologies and this can take a bit of time though

We don’t need to wait for the website, but with the classic confinement, it helps if we can gather more info on the publisher, as classic snaps basically have system level access. In other words, it can also help users decide that the publisher is trustworthy and they want to use and install their software. If someone sees a snap in the Store, and the only link is a GH repo, with no public members, unverified, that makes it more difficult to decide whether to use that snap.

You can DM me if you’re not comfortable discussing this in an open thread, but it would help if there was another vector of information we could use for the vetting.

I see and no this is fine in the public thread.

  • So, the website will go online soon, but soon means some weeks. Domain is already registered.
  • If it helps: The project has an academic background. This project is the continuation of research. Well known senior researchers from ETH Zurich helped with the optimizations supported by this compiler. The link to the publication is added to the description of the snap; it was reviewed and presented at a good conference.
  • I released the code to the public recently and more people will contribute now

From a technical perspective: This compiler is basically just an LLVM Pass Plugin + two python packages (a driver for the frontend, and a lib to do optimizations on an IR). The commands called internally are LLVM tools.

BTW, your snap is private or not there, as the page returns 404.

You mean when you click on the snap badge? Yes, as long as the confinement request is not approved, the app is on hold and the snap’s page not released.

+1 from me, I’ve finished the verification.

The requirement and justification for classic are understood and vetting has been completed. Granting use of classic confinement to daisycc. This is now live.

+2 votes for, 0 against granting the alias daisycxx also. This is now live.