This kind of looks like spam. Not because it links to flathub, but because the flathub request links to pling dot com. Isn’t clamav at ?

This link most probably points out to the muCommander file manager.

@soumyaDghosh, it doesn’t, to my knowledge. Why would it?

@goldstar611, ClamAV is indeed downloadable from there, but this is for a GUI frontend to it; a custom creation by a user. The pling link is what I got when inspecting the download page provided by its OpenDesktop listing in Firefox Devtools’ network request debugger.

Simply because, the above link given by you takes us to the flathub forum, where, I can get two link. The pling link, when clicked shows errorlink for me. And the another opendesktop link takes me to this page,

How about

Or are there more/others ?

Apologies. Occasionally, I forget that Discourse automatically linkifies text pasted over a link. I was indeed modifying the same template that I had used for MuCommander.

Yes, this -