Chromium user won't sign in

I am on Ubuntu 20.04 platform. I just upgraded snap chromium to 1506 (89.0.4389.72 ).
I noticed that user not signed in. I didn’t find user login entry in the settings >people.
I wonder if google changed its design or policy. Or is it due to a broken installation in my system ? Untitled

Google has removed the ability to sign into Google services (Edit: for clarification, signing into the browser itself to enable synchronisation and such, not signing into their regular web pages) from everything but the official upstream Chrome release. Strictly I don’t think this was scheduled to be enforced until March 15th, but potentially the snap has removed access earlier.

OIC. I am sorry to hear that. That’s what I feared. So, we can not sync visited web history at ? It’s pity that Google enforced that policy. It will damage open source community of chromium project.
Thank you for the info.

Yes, after March the 15th, no Chromium release will be able to sync via Google’s own service. Only Chrome itself has a valid API key.

I’m sure certain users might try make their own builds that contain the same key as the official Chrome, it’d technically work, but it’d be violating their Terms of Service and so wouldn’t be something repos would distribute even if it technically is feasible.

I hate such obligations. They already earn enough money. They abuse the users. Microsoft took over Github, I stopped using that tool. We have alternatives. Google shot themselves in the foot.

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