Chromium Snap

I have a neighbour who I am about to upgrade to ubuntu 22.04. They will be using Chromium 99%of the time and are extremely non-techie. If I install Chromium snap I am not sure where I stand re updates. This neighbour does not like notifications or anything to do with user information - I am hoping I can turn off any notifications. I have experience with firefox snap and the annoying 13 days to update which is not going to be acceptable. This machine is a Desktop that is shut down daily. Is it possible for me to turn off all notifications and Chromium to auto update itself when it is ready?

It’s will be the same as the Firefox snap. Snap udates get installed on reboot if you give them enough time to finish, but if they open Chromium immediately after logging in, it probably won’t get done.

Maybe you could make a script like

snap refresh chromium

and set it to run on login? (And let them know Chromium will open when it’s ready.)

I’ve just installed chromium on my machine and would like to experiment with different scripts. I have a shutdown backup script that runs on my neighbours machine - it would be interesting to run this snap update script first. I have run snap list chromium --all and all I see is version 111.0.5563.110 rev 2406. Is it possible to get the previous version somewhere to test the update?