Chromium policies

In chromium, it is possible to pre-configure policies. This is especially useful inside organisations to, for example, add extra authentication servers, pre-configure a home page and bookmarks, or pre-install mandatory plugins.

For a system-wide installation on Linux, this can be configured inside /etc/chromium/policies/managed and /etc/chromium/policies/recommended. However, the snap does not seem to look at those directories.

What is the recommended way to go about configuring policies for the chromium snap? I’ve looked at /snap/chromium but there doesn’t seem to be a directory in which I can place these files. Do I need to create it manually, or do I instead need to add a new snap connection for chromium to access /etc/chromium instead?

The company I work for is currently piloting Ubuntu as a workstation for developers, and this would be holding us back from upgrading our 18.04 machines to 20.04.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Is this file simply edited externally to effect chromium, or does chromium also need to write to this file/directory? If it is just edited by an admin, the chromium snap could have a layout of $SNAP_DATA/etc/chromium/policies on top of /etc/chromium/policies inside the snap’s namespace with a layout.

That would be something the snap author of chromium would have to adjust. CC @oSoMoN


It is indeed just edited externally, chromium only reads - but does not modify - the policy files.

This is being tracked by bug #1714244.


Cheers. Thanks for getting back to me. :slight_smile: