Chromium-mir-kiosk snap set using strict confinment

Dear All,

We are using chromium-mir-kiosk snap and during runtime we shall need to change the url and so, we have used the below command,

snap set chromium-mir-kiosk url=

This command had been working fine on a devmode. But on strict confinment, its not working.

Kindly guide me on how to achieve this on this strict confinment

A couple of things:

  1. chromium-mir-kiosk was a proof of concept, not a supported solution and is unmaintained. Please see if wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk suits your needs.
  2. The snap command is not available from a strictly confined environment. There are obvious reasons why allowing snaps to control and install other snaps would be a security concern. (Within a confined snap snapctrl provides some of the same options for that snap.)
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just a note that it’s snapctl :smile:

one should really be an alias for the other :stuck_out_tongue: