Chromium-mir-kiosk on-screen keyboard

I’m playing around with kiosk for a company project in a VM, I’m wondering can we add an on screen keyboard for things? It pretty much is ideal but sometimes there is typing and we have touch screens for the keyboard. I noticed there is a service for it, do I just need to add that interface to the snap and then deploy that or is there a way to add an interface on the fly?

chromium-mir-kiosk is a demo project I threw together. I did add a setting for the osk, but never implemented it.

You’re welcome to do it and contribute it, the code is here:

but requires some significant updating. I might finish that tomorrow…

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Awesome, I can have a look tomorrow if you dont do it first.

@greyback hey dude, I didn’t get around to it but I do have another issue which we could look at. When I reboot it goes to the default blackscreen rather than the kiosk. What would be the fast way to fix that?

Just checked the logs looks like the kiosk is starting faster than wayland can ask for it.

We know what the solution should be: Socket activation for Wayland interface but it isn’t there yet.

Would something like while [ ! -S /run/user/0/wayland-0 ]; do echo waiting; sleep 1; done work?

Or maybe restart-condition: always?

I’ll give it a go in the office :slight_smile:

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restart-condition isn’t enough, the default is to restart on failure anyway. The problem is start rate limiting, which isn’t configurable via snapcraft.yaml.

Easiest fix is just adding a sleep 1 in the launcher before chromium is ran. This way the start burst doesn’t happen as quickly and mir-kiosk has time to start up.

Well one of the issues is that it tries to start too quickly after failure anyway according to the logs. I’ll play around with it on monday.