Chromium installation on ubuntu 22.04

I installed chromium using:

$ sudo snap install chromium

then, when I visited Ubuntu Software to play with chromium’s permissions, I noticed that it had a scary icon and looked like it was untrusted software (red cancel icon, etc), so I uninstalled it.

Ironically, searching for chromium via Ubuntu Software seems to show the correct package by Canonical. I’ve seen other glitches and disconnects between Ubuntu Software and command line usage of “snap”, but this did get me concerned:

Is it possible for the command line use of snap to have installed some other junk software/malware. I never actually ran the installed version of chromium, just installed it using the command line shown above and then uninstalled it.

Unless something really wrong happened with the snap store, installing the chromium snap from the command line should give you the Canonical-maintained package, which you can reasonably trust.

I’d be interested in seeing a screenshot of what you saw. Can you reliably reproduce this?