Chromium: IBus Input method framework doesn't work

I’ve been acknowledged that the iBus input method framework can’t work in the Chromium snap, I’ve checked the recipe in Snap packages : lp:~chromium-team/chromium-browser/+git/snap-from-source : Git : Chromium Browser and noticed that while it didn’t connect to the desktop-legacy interface, it did connect to the unity7 interface which should grant the access.

On the other hand, the Fcitx input method framework works flawlessly.

I’d like to file a bug on Launchpad, but the existence of bug #1307648 kinda conflicts with it.

/cc @oSoMoN

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Sorry for the delay @Lin-Buo-Ren. This appears to be a regression that sneaked in when the chromium snap was rebased on core18. I can reproduce the problem, and switching to the stable/core16 channel fixes it. I’m on it.

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This appears to be a bug in core18, for which a fix was merged already. I’ll monitor and test the next version of core18 to confirm that this is enough to fix the ibus regression.

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Revision 520 of the core18 snap (currently in the beta channel) fixes the problem.

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