Chosing category in snapcraft command line? or metadata?

Chosing category in command line? or metadata ? or…

my app game appear in the : other, category
but i want to set to game and education.

on the web site “Admin applications of my account” i make the change but noting appear,

i got same thing, other, category. same in the store online and same in my Ubuntu studio menu home.
i search a solution but i ask here if can help me. thanks

The categories you pick for your store listing determine how it will appear in the Snap Store: it doesn’t affect how a desktop environment will surface the application in its menus.

That is generally handled by the Categories key in the desktop file you ship in your snap, as described in this spec:

thank you ok !! in the desktop file it’s good then, i will write something for :slight_smile:

and for the store it make need some many times when it appear into the right category? i just need to wait and hope the app will approved a moment given?


There is no special permission needed to publish a snap with a desktop file containing the Categories key. If your snap is currently passing the automated review process, then it should continue to after you fix your desktop file.

Hi!, all now is made. but the snap store those not want to set my game in the right category. i’m no were.

and for the desktop icon category, all works in the ubuntu menu “computer” !! thanks! i’m lost what is setuped with the store “html” setting page. no way to set my category. It’s beause of my french canada language option of the ubuntu installation ? i need to enter the name of the game to discover my game apps in the snap store. thanks for your help ! it’s coming :stuck_out_tongue: