Changing name of snap makes it fail on configure of install

It’s that simple. I have no explanation. A simple change of the name in the snapcraft file makes the snap fail to install.

I’m using --devmode, multipass as the build environment, core18. With one name, installs perfectly and another name it fails.

At first I thought there was something else going on so I tried them both on a VM where neither had been installed before and I got the exact same behavior.

Does anyone have ANY ideas of what I can be looking at to figure this out??

It is possible that somewhere in the snapcraft file hardcoded the old snap name, thus broken by that.

No, definitely checked that. :slight_smile:

I may disable the configure step and see what happens.

What do your install hook and configure hook look like?

It’s possible they have something like

snapctl restart <hard-coded-snap-name>.daemon

that needs to be adjusted