Changes in default license for snaps

We are working on updates on the initial value for a snap license. Today, unless explicitly changed, the value is assumed to be Proprietary. However, in an update to be deployed soon, the license will be unset by default.

Note that at some point in the near future a defined license will be required before making a snap publicly available. That’s why, if you haven’t set a license for your snap, we encourage you to make an explicit decision about it (through the web UI) as soon as possible. Also, if your software is not Proprietary licensed (the current default), we suggest you to update the value accordingly.

We will update here once the mentioned changes are deployed. At that point any new registered and uploaded snap will have an unset license.


The store changes were just deployed, and then, new registered snaps won’t have a license set. We recommend everybody to choose one appropriately, as well as reviewing the license of your existent snaps if you didn’t make an explicit choice before (in which case a Proprietary license was assumed).

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