Changed name but not reflected in store


Really loving snap and we are excited to release our app there!

We have an issue where we updated the name of our Ubuntu account but the Snap Store still shows the old name. Can the Snap Store please be changed to “ITW Creative Works”? Thank you!

Here is the listing in question:

Note: It shows correctly on the web Snap Store but it still shows the old, incorrect name on the Ubuntu Snap Store app and in our account details on

Thank you!

Hi there,

Is this still an issue? I’m checking API responses directly:

"publisher": {
      "display-name": "ITW Creative Works",
      "id": "... ELIDED ...",
      "username": "itwcw2000",
      "validation": "unproven"

which looks correct. Maybe it’s an account details page or snap-store app caching issue?

There’s a reindex operation I can run on the store side but I would prefer to confirm there’s still some issue, as opposed to just some stale caching, before going messing around with this.

  • Daniel