Change username on forum

Is it possible to change my username on this forum? I’d like to change it to something more befitting e.g. diddledani (with the i at the end) or dani.

Did you try going to preferences (click on your avatar on the top right and it’s the cog icon)? I see a username edit control there.

yeah, it’s disabled when I go there, so I can’t change it :frowning:

I can try changing it for you. What’s your preference? (Since you have two choices I don’t want to assume - you know what they say :slight_smile:

Go with diddledani as that’s what I’m using as my nickname in most places now.


If something misbehaves on your end please log out and back in. If something continues to misbehave please let me know.

  • Daniel
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Thank you :slight_smile: Everything seems to be working (I’ve signed out and back in again, too, for good measure) <3