Change Publisher Display Name Not Working

Hi. Our snaps are bitwarden and bw. We have tried to change our profile name from 8bit Solutions LLC to Bitwarden Inc, but the change does not seem to propagate to the snap store.

I click edit details link and see this profile on the Ubuntu One website:

I notice that the usernames are different between the snap store and Ubuntu one. Seems like there is some disconnect there.


Username updates are super messy and probably not working well right now. Can you try the following:

  1. go to
  2. log out
  3. log back in to
  4. Check whether your details were updated and look OK in

Let me know. I happen to be looking at another case of “updated my name but it did not propagate” case which might put us in the right track, I’ll let everybody know once I find or implement a reliable way to do it.

  • Daniel

Thanks @roadmr. Unfortunately it did not work.

Hi, can you be more specific about what did not work? Are the details correct in (I can see they are not correct in the listing, for example, but here I’m only looking for whether was updated).

  • Daniel

@roadmr Sorry, yes, it is still showing “Full name 8bit Solutions LLC” at

Thanks for confirming. I’m seeing something different here :frowning:

  1. Log out of dashboard Sign in to see your snaps
  2. Go to confirm I’m effectively logged out.
  3. Log in
  4. Edit my full name, save changes.
  5. Still on confirm the name did change (top right corner).
  6. Go to; I’m still logged out there, I see “Sign in or register” top right corner. Click on that…
  7. I get logged in magically and go to Sign in to see your snaps by default. I can see the updated name in the top right, and OpenID transaction in progress shows also the updated name.

These changes actually propagated “instantly” to the store, see e.g. (my name says “testing name change” - that’s the update I just made).

I’ll check to see if there are any differences between how your account and mine are set up that might explain why this is not working for you.

  • Daniel

I follow step 1-6 without issue, but then step 7 still shows the old name still.

For step 4, Seems a bit odd but I cannot make a change to my name without also setting a new password, but have just been using the same password so that I could submit the form. Not sure if that is intended.

This is weird and Dani is seeing the same situation. I wonder why it works for me and not for you two. I’ll keep digging.

This should not be the case - you can/must enter your password in the “old password” field but you can leave the “new password” and “confirm new password” fields blank.

  • Daniel

Any updates on this one? Anything else that we can try?