Change of publisher: octavia-diskimage-retrofit

As part of transferring this snap to team ownership we would like to change the publisher of the octavia-diskimage-retrofit snap to ‘Canonical’.

Since this topic was first created the snap has gone through graduating steps which includes a track [0], classic confinement[1] and a stable release [2][3]. As a consequence I would like to reopen the request for change of publisher.

0: Octavia-diskimage-retrofit 1.0 track creation 1: Classic confinement for octavia-diskimage-retrofit 2: 3:

Hi,I’ve completed the transfer, could you please:

1- Set a license (Install octavia-diskimage-retrofit on Linux | Snap Store shows “unset”) 2- Maybe tweak the formatting of the description a bit, look at the above page and you’ll see it looks kind of ugly :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Thanks alot @roadmr, much appreciated!

I’ll address your comments about license and the description format ASAP.