Change in logging behaviour on Ubuntu Core


That’s somewhat awkward. We should think through this and see if we need to split out these cases.

Fair points.

What’s the practical difference? The core option may be set in the gadget, assuming that’s the direction we go.


I’d misunderstood an earlier comment you made and assumed that this change couldn’t be accomplished via a core snap config item:

So if it’s possible to control which logging system is used via a core snap config item, then I’m +1, given that we don’t make journald the default value. What I’m opposed to is removing an existing feature/mechanism via an update, such that existing customers have to do extra work to restore it.

#23 was the initial approach … resulting in a:

snap set/get service.rsyslog.disable=true|false

config option … i can clean it up (drop timesyncd) and re-propose it if wanted …


Yes, given the feedback above and the previous discussions, it seems safe and sane to simply allow disabling the service conditionally. We can reevaluate that on 18.04 or once we have multiple bases.

Thanks @ogra.


FYI, there is a snappy-debug in edge that will use journalctl, but it has some issues I was unable to fix in time before going on holiday so I didn’t push it to stable. It will work on Ubuntu Core though and will prefer journalctl over syslog there, so if people need it:

$ sudo snap install snappy-debug --edge

or if upgrading:

$ sudo snap refresh snappy-debug --edge


i have seeded rsyslog back into the edge image and have a matching PR at

people wanting to make use of it need to set the option from their gadget…


which in 2.27 should work using the config defaults functionality there


so following The gadget snap
this would then look like:

        disabled: true

if i understand the doc correctly (99T7MUlRhtI3U0QFgl5mXXESAiSwt776 is the snap-id for core)
is that right ?


yes, that’s snap-id is correct


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