Chance to snap ntpsec which is in need of packaging

in the past I worked on snapping NtpSec which is a great new, and likely more secure and stable ntp sever.
There is many reasoning to consider ntpsec, just one example here.

That said while I had success and positive response on the first few hurdles in my snapping I failed to stay active enough on driving the NTPSec Pull-Request. Due to other priorities and blockers to make it properly confined.
The blockers just weren’t taken serious/important enough by others and I faced different priorities, the blockers mostly are interfaces for time-control and time-hardware.

So just another try to snap that went dormant … maybe …, but the upcoming plan to release ntpsec 1.0 and their explicitly called out need for packaging made me think, see Time-to-Plan-1.0.
This is a project which would benefit so much from snaps:

  • extra security
  • fast development/delivery especially needed on 1.x versions
  • instant cross distribution availability

I had the hope if I call that perfect candidate to be snapped out here, then one of the snap’xperts might adopt and drive it to conclusion for the sake of ntpsec and another really good snap showcase.

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